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A unified financial platform that offers products across financing, insurance and assurance for any point-of-sale dealer. This simplifies business operations and increases monetization opportunities for any dealer.


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Everything That You Need In One Platform


Covers new-to-credit and sub-prime customers with rates from 12-18%. For both with and without asset-based loans. Integrations with 6 lenders reduce the rejections rates, including those in the EV segment.


Insurance products to cover all motor and non-motor categories with special emphasis on EVs – swappable battery cover, etc. Optionality with 10 insurers ensures best pay-outs with no blacklisted RTOs and models.


Assurance products include Extended Warranty, Roadside Assistance, Health Assist that improves the monetization opportunities and customer loyalty for any POS dealer.


One Point-of-Sale Solution

Smart Products

Contextual financing, insurance and assurance (add-ons, warranty, etc.) options for a variety of POS Dealer – Motor, EVs, Cycle, Eyewear, Mobile phones or Gadgets.

24x7 Omni Channel Customer Service

A dedicated one-stop support for all product, technology, claims and payment issues.

End-to-End Automation

Multiple dashboards, reports and insights for OEMs, franchisee, or dealers available to help track, predict, and grow business.

Comprehensive Business Intelligence

Multiple dashboards, reports and insights for OEMs, franchisee, or dealers available to help track, predict, and grow business.

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Dealer Story

Om Prakash Singh

Motor Dealer

I met here with Toffee Insurance senior management for business purpose. It’s one of the leading g fintech broker of India with little different model than routine POS

Luthra Group

Insurance Customer

My experience with Toffee insurance is very amazing Very smooth & tension free claim process. Very helpful staff and helped me. I strongly recommend this company.

Yash Gupta

Channel Partner

Experience was very smooth, asked for minimum documents & explained the process at each step. Someone was in constant touch till the final process.

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    Top 20 StartUp 2021

    Top 20 StartUp 2021

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    Commonly Asked Questions

    Restly ShapeRestly Shape

    Toffee Insurance is insurance simplified. You can insure yourself, alone, or add on your family too - for health, life and household insurance. An all-in-one easy combo plan! 

    Instead of figuring 3 different plans for your health, life and home, you can simply pick one Toffee plan depending upon whether you want the insurance for yourself (single) or for your family (up to 4 members, including yourself).  Small, seamless monthly payments give you peace of mind and secure your and your family’s future.

    Toffee takes the headache out of choosing and using insurance. Toffee is a unique and exclusive combination of insurance products that are selected from the most trusted and top insurance companies. You get a unique combination of insurance benefits across health, life and household.


    Our process is all digital that means zero paperwork, no complicated forms and no waiting on the claims. Our plan is a combo plan that means no hassle of buying three different plans and no confusion on checking through three different insurance policies.


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